Joint pain is a common occurrence that many people experience as they age.

The Center for Disease Control reports about 1 in 4 adults suffer from different types of arthritis pain and roughly 15 million people in the United States are living with severe joint issues. Treatment is often paired with medication, and while effective at masking your pain, prescriptions will not address the root cause of your joint discomfort.

Safe, Natural Care

At the Center for Natural HealthCare, PLCC, we provide our patients with a safe, natural approach to relieving knee symptoms by addressing the root cause of your joint discomfort, with the goal of helping you enjoy a vibrant, pain-free lifestyle.
What Causes Joint Pain?

Your body’s joints are the hinge points between the bones. They also provide support, and when healthy, allow you to move painlessly and freely. Any damage to the joint surface, whether from overuse, injury, or disease can interfere with this natural movement and cause you to experience chronic pain and joint discomfort.

Joint pain can occur from the following common conditions:

  • Autoimmune Reactions
  • Bursitis
  • Fallen Arches in Your Feet
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Gout
  • Imbalanced / Poor Posture
  • Joint Trauma/Injury
  • Ligament Sprains
  • Muscular Fascial Restrictions
  • Muscular Imbalances
  • Muscle Strains
  • Muscular Trigger Points
  • Nutrient Deficiencies
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Repetitive Joint Microtrauma
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis

The level of pain can range from irritating to debilitating. The pain can be either acute (short term) or chronic (long term) in length. Joint pain and stiffness, with the loss of mobility, can affect your quality of life and make simple tasks, such as walking, standing, going up or down steps, getting in or out of the car, gripping a pen, opening a door, clasping a cup, or putting on clothing, painful and difficult.

No matter the cause or length of time you have experienced pain, seeking treatment from an experienced and knowledgeable doctor, like Dr. Sevlie, can help you find the relief you deserve, so you can begin functioning normally again!

How to Identify Knee Problems

Over three million Americans are diagnosed with knee osteoarthritis every year, with over 200,000 knee injuries reported annually due to meniscus or ligament tears. If you’re currently experiencing knee pain, you may recognize the following symptoms:
Swelling, Stiffness,
and Pain with
Swelling, Stiffness, and Pain with Movement
Weakness and
Weakness and Instability
Popping or Clicking
Noises During
Popping or Clicking Noises During Movement
Inability to Fully
Bend or Straighten
Your Knee
Inability to Fully Bend or Straighten Your Knee
Pain When Walking
or Climbing Stairs
Pain When Walking or Climbing Stairs
Common Practices for Treating Knee Pain

A popular approach to treating acute knee pain is using anti-inflammatory medications.

For chronic knee conditions, traditional medical treatment may include an epidural steroid injection. While this treatment can temporarily relieve pain and reduce inflammation, there are numerous side effects, which can include:

  • Rapid Degeneration of Cartilage
  • Bleeding
  • Cataracts of the Eyes
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Increased Risk of Bone Fractures
  • Stomach Ulcer

If your discomfort persists, traditional medicine may recommend knee replacement surgery. Though very common, this complex procedure can lead to painful or lengthy recovery times with potentially serious long term side effects. And, unfortunately, surgery does not address the underlying cause of why your knee joint and knee cartilage are deteriorating.

Natural Revitalizing Knee Pain Treatment at the Center For Natural HealthCare, PLLC
We offer technology that stimulates cell growth and DNA repair. This, in combination with proper nutrition and herbal medicine, gives our program over a 90% success rate.

Our clinic is committed to treating your knee problems or conditions safely and naturally, without the use of potentially harmful invasive procedures, medication, injections, or surgery. Our treatments are targeted and designed to rebalance the muscle structure and function of your knee joint and give your body the proper nutritional support and activation to stimulate your cells to grow and repair so that proper healing can occur.

We use a combination of the following techniques:

Acupuncture Therapy
Acupuncture Therapy
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Chiropractic Manipulation
Chiropractic Manipulation
Cold Laser Light Therapy
Cold Laser Light Therapy
Custom Orthotics
Custom Orthotics
Gravity Resistance Training
Gravity Resistance Training
Muscle Re-education Therapy
Muscle Re-education Therapy
Re-education Therapy
Muscle Re-education Therapy
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field
Therapy (PEMF)
Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)
Therapeutic Joint Nutrition
Therapeutic Joint Nutrition
Ultrasound Therapy
Ultrasound Therapy
Stimulate Active Repair

These treatments, herbs, nutrients, and therapies work synergistically to stimulate stem cells and activate repair of damaged cells and tissues of the body. We offer a natural solution for pain relief, true healing, and restoration of function to people with injuries to the cartilage, muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and nervous system.

Our natural Revitalizing Medicine Therapy Program is specifically designed to nourish and detoxify the entire body, thus reducing painful excess inflammation.

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Solutions For Healing And Recovery

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
Cartilage Regrowth Through Chinese Herbal Therapy
Cartilage Regrowth Through Chinese Herbal Therapy
Nutrition is Key to Revitalizing Medicine Therapy
Nutrition is Key to Revitalizing Medicine Therapy
Laser Light Therapy
Laser Light Therapy
Acupuncture Treatment and Auricular(Ear) Acupuncture Treatment are Natural Solutions for Pain and Healing

Acupuncture is a system of natural and complementary medicine that involves the insertion of fine, sterile, single-use needles into acupoints on your body or your ear. These acupoints are functional spots along electromagnetic pathways called meridians, which cover the surface of your body on your skin. The acupoints connect to your internal organs through the electromagnetic meridian pathways.

Likewise, ear acupoints are functional spots on the front and back of the ear that also connect to your internal organs and can be gently stimulated. What is unique at the Center for Natural HealthCare, PLLC, is that we can stimulate acupoints in a variety of ways. For individuals who don’t like needles, other options are available, such as the application of small painless magnets on the ear or body acupoint; the application of heat energy, known as moxabustion on body acupoints; and painless, noninvasive, laser light stimulation and electrical stimulation on obstructed acupoints. All non-invasive forms of acupoint stimulation are very effective and painless.

Meridians transport energy to nourish organs, skin, muscles, cartilage, joints, ligaments, and bones to rebalance and optimize normal body function.

The intended effect of an acupuncture treatment is to restore balance to the body by removing energy obstructions from the meridians thereby activating the body’s own defense, repair, and healing mechanisms.

Treatment to an acupoint also stimulates sensory nerves that cause the pituitary and midbrain to release endorphins that function to relieve pain, accelerate healing, and restore health. A normal acupuncture session involves the treatment of 5-15 acupoints with needles remaining in the body for 15-20 minutes. If magnets are used, the patient wears them home to rebalance their meridians for 3 to 10 days. This method provides a longer and more sustained treatment that relieves pain and rebalances and supports recovery and optimal health.

Revitalizing Medicine Therapy in Red Wing

To learn more about the benefits of regenerative medicine, schedule a no-charge 15-minute introductory health consultation.

You’ll have the opportunity to meet with our team to discuss your concerns, as we evaluate and educate you on which type of treatment plan will offer you the best long-term success.

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