Are you living with an acute injury or a long-standing health condition?
We are here to support your body’s healing process through revitalizing natural medicine.

At the Center for Natural HealthCare, PLLC, we provide ”Steps to Wholeness.” Our goal is to empower and assist you in finding the best natural health solution that is right for you.

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We provide health “STEPS” such as:
  • Chiropractic Treatment-Instrument Assisted, Laser Assisted & Traditional Adjustments
  • Physiotherapies such as Erchonia FDA Approved FX405 Laser Therapy for Chronic Low Back Pain, Muscle Myotherapy, Microcurrent/Frequency Therapy, Ultrasound, Combination Ultrasound with Electrical Stimulation Therapy, and Fascial-Connective Tissue Release Therapy
  • Acupuncture-Needle, Magnetic, and Laser
  • Laboratory Testing & Interpretation
  • Health Classes & Education
  • Personalized Health Coaching
  • Nutritional & Chinese Medicine Supplementation
  • Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy-BEMER
  • Erchonia Zerona Z6 Fat Loss and Detoxification Treatment
  • Online Resources & Training
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We help you discover the reason for your pain and challenging health condition.

We offer treatment options to you, so whether you want to take a “small step” to improve your health naturally or a “large comprehensive step,” the choice is always yours, and we will assist you in every way in achieving your personal health goals!

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Common Conditions Treated Naturally Here

Our mission is to provide you with relief from your chronic symptoms by treating the underlying root causes first. Here are some examples of common conditions we treat:
Thyroid Conditions
Digestive Problems
Knee and Joint Pain
COPD and Other Respiratory Conditions
Weight Concerns
Kidney Disease
Brain Fog
Discover Whole Body Revitalizing Care
If you are ready to take the first step to living a more natural, vibrant lifestyle, contact the Center for Natural HealthCare, PLLC, today!

Together, we will design a Personalized Treatment Plan just for you that is safe and effective that supports your body’s ability to repair and heal naturally.

More About Our Services
Leading Revitalizing Medicine Provider in Red Wing, MN

Your pain relief is our top priority, and our ultimate goal is to go beyond immediate pain relief and identify and correct the underlying root cause(s) of your pain and discomfort, ensuring lasting results and overall improved health.

Take your next “Step” on the path to natural health and wholeness by scheduling a no-charge 15 minute introductory health consultation with us today!
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