“Today and next week we are discussing autoimmune disease-the Title of our 2 part program is “When Your Own Body Turns Against You!”  Did you know that there has been an almost epidemic rise in autoimmune disorders in the United States over the past 50 years. The first step toward a cure is understanding and controlling the causes.

Autoimmune diseases include Multiple sclerosis, Type I diabetes, Hashimoto’s thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel diseases, such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and celiac disease just to name a few. Did you know that fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome and asthma are classified as autoimmune disorders?

Also, if you are suffering from any inner-ear problems that cause severe dizziness and balance disturbances such as vertigo and ringing in the ears, or if you have Ménière’s disease it is now known in medicine that these inner ear problems like Ménière’s disease are autoimmune disorders.

Today Dr. Sevlie will be discussing the three common factors that lead to the development of autoimmune disease and what you can do to prevent it, as well as what you can do naturally to slow down and even arrest the autoimmune process in your body if you have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder! Stay tuned you won’t want to miss today’s program.”