Today Dr. Joseph Sevlie from the Center for Natural HealthCare in Red Wing, MN will be discussing how toxic chemicals may be negatively impacting our health. Dr. Joe will be discussing how exposure to toxic chemicals present in the water we drink, the food we eat , and the air we breathe may be negatively impacting our health, energy and sleep. We will be discussing steps on how we can dramatically reduce our risk of exposure to these very harmful chemicals and how to protect ourselves and our families. We will also have a special guest, Mr. Bob Bodin from Crystal Canyon Eco-Water with us today talking about clean water. The key message for today is how we you can begin winning the battle for better health against the effects of harmful toxic chemicals in our environment by implementing 4 strategies that Dr. Joe will discuss. Press play and listen in to this very revealing discussion with Dr. Joseph Sevlie on How to Heal and stay Healthy on a Toxic Planet.