“Today we are discussing the health risks and safety concerns of feeding yourself as well as your family genetically modified foods- that are found at your local grocery store and you are eating unaware and feeding your family on a regular basis. Did you know that According to the American Grocery Association more than 75 % of all foods found in your local grocery store are GMO or contain genetically modified ingredients?

Did you know that the USDA has approved 19 different crops and foods for genetic modification? Over 90% of U.S. grown corn, soybeans, sugar beets, and canola oil are genetically modified? New genetically modified crops include apples that don’t turn brown when sliced and genetically engineered salmon that grow much faster than normal salmon.

Today Dr. Sevlie will uncover and educate us on the risks and concerns associated with the consumption of genetically modified and genetically engineered foods. If you want to protect your health and your family’s health please stay tuned for this very revealing and interesting conversation on GMO Foods-BEWARE!”