Today Dr. Joe would like to share with you a powerful and amazing therapy option that is available at our office that can dramatically reduce your body’s chronic aches and pains. Today we will be discussing BEMER Therapy with our special guest Mr. Edward Skor. We will be talking about pulsed electromagnetic field therapy which is a safe, gentle, noninvasive and powerful therapy that enhances general blood flow, improves body nutrient and oxygen supply and waste disposal, and enhances physical fitness, endurance, strength and energy. It is also valuable in stress reduction and relaxation. BEMER therapy also supports sleep, cardiac function and general blood flow throughout the body.

If you have been suffering from some type of pain and are worried and concerned about taking medications like pain relievers and anti-inflammatories to deal with your pain- today’s program is just for you. Stay tuned and learn more about BEMER Therapy, a powerful, natural, health options that is affordable and available to you at our office that can make a dramatic difference to improve your health and relieve your pain safely and naturally.