Natural Remedies for Mental Health Conditions

Mental or emotional disorders can affect everything you do—from your productivity at work, to how you spend your free time, to your relationships with friends and loved ones. The health of your brain is affected by:
Amount of Down Time and Sleep
Daily Stress
Genetic Predisposition
Nutritional Habits

Experiencing Issues?

If you are experiencing a mental health issue, such as anxiety, depression, brain fog, or early cognitive decline, dementia, or Alzheimer’s, there are safe, natural treatments available to address the underlying physical causes.
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At the Center for Natural HealthCare, PLLC, we work to identify, correct, and remove the underlying biochemical and physical stressors that are impairing brain and mental health function.
Our goal is to help patients improve, optimize, and achieve long-term mental health and wellness at any age. How?
  • We listen and get a comprehensive picture of your health and health history
  • We recommend testing to identify biochemical imbalances and hormonal issues
  • We educate you and support you in your transition into a natural, healthy lifestyle
  • We give you caring, personalized attention
  • We use safe, holistic therapies
  • We recommend high quality, effective natural supplementation to restore biochemical and hormonal balance
At the Center for Natural HealthCare, PLLC, each new patient seeking mental health receives:
  • Comprehensive History and Physical Examination
  • Laboratory Testing and Consultations to Explain Test Results
  • Dietary, Lifestyle, and Nutritional Recommendations Based on These Lab Results
  • Chiropractic Treatment
  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Acupuncture Therapy
  • Other Physiotherapy Modalities Available to Support Recovery: Cold Laser Therapy, Myotherapy, and Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

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Helping you pursue a vibrant, natural lifestyle is at the foundation of what we do at the Center for Natural HealthCare, PLLC. We work to deliver our treatment through personalized attention and safe, holistic practices. We use high quality, effective natural supplementation along with synergistic, dynamic treatment modalities to give each patient the support they need to heal.

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